Build a Better World

Enjoy a 'Build a Better World' Show by building a better You!

Ocean Heroes and Water Magic!

Discover the amazing creatures of the sea and how we all can

help make their world and ours a more rockin place!  Join us 

in this PH (power of hydrogen) packed program for all ages!

A Rainforest Adventure!

Great Kapok Tree
Great Kapok Tree

Join this colorful, rainforest adventure featuring the 

Great Kapok Tree.  Dance! Sing! Meet 'Bongo' the

orangutan from Borneo! Watch amazing science

experiments the whole family will enjoy.

Crazzzzy Scientist!

Zannnny, out of the box fun with hands-on adventure from the tiniest cell to the coldest place on the Earth; this entertaining visit is bound to leave scientists of all ages wanting more!