Early Childhood Teacher Comments:

"Very exciting science experiments, awesome ideas to take to the classroom!" 

"Great activities!  He needed a bigger room!"

"Easy, magical science."

Very engaging.  Excellent example of how I would like to be in my classroom."

"Strong knowledge of the topic."

"Mark Shepherd has great ideas for preschoolers."

"I enjoyed all the experiments that he presented.  It was truly engaging."

"Love it!  Enjoyed it!"

"Great enthusiasm."

"Great new science ideas I can use for my K classroom!"

"Awesome science ideas!"

"Great fun!"


 "We loved...

Creative Learning Center T/Th 4 year olds


"Really Revs the Imagination... 


 "...science this fun."


"Thank you...wonderful!"


 " It was a lot of FUN!!!!"

Nancy Balz c/o Kensington Park Library, Maryland